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Tagging Crypto About Us


Quality experienced graffiti artists bringing you the first company to get cryptocurrencies on apparel. Rep your fav cryptocurrency in true raw style. Others will start a conversation with the crypto you are holding about a design nobody has seen before. Help spread the word on the value of your coin.


"We don't have any generic cryptocurrency designs, everything is original just like the cryptocurrency itself"

We are passionate about our Collections...

Tagging is our passion and checking the charts is our hobby. These two worlds are both counter-culture and thus naturally fit together. The value we bring to our products is our obsession to bring you the perfect design. All of our work found here is original and made by only us, we do not use any fonts or copied designs. We have so many designs and ideas incoming because we are so passionate about this artform and technology. We believe that art is important and so is promoting more people using cryptocurrencies.


Do you have something to share with us? Want your crypto represented too? We welcome and will respond to all communication, we love to hear from you! Please head to our contact page or email us at questions@taggingcrypto.com and drop us a line!


Ethereum ETH Graffiti Truck